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Coding used to be an afterthought for Home Health agencies, but with the
continued decreases in average Medicare payment Coding has become an
area that can be highly profitable with the right people.

Home Health Coding Solutions only uses certified advanced Home Health Coders
(HCS-D) that are specifically trained on the nuances of the Home Health system.

Many agencies have an internal coder, or nurses who complete the Oasis’s
do the coding. While this may seem like an easy solution for coding,
items may be missed, or not coded correctly because of the lack of
training and certification. This can not only cost your agency money
upfront by having a lower HIPPS score but can also be devastating
if an auditor deems that coding was not Medicare compliant. In addition
items could be upcoded, or lacking in documentation for a specific code.
RAC auditors have found 2 Billion dollars in money taken
back from Hospitals with 35% of the items looked at
relating to improper coding!!!

Our team of coders are trained and certified to not only code for Medicare
compliance and maximum allowable reimbursement, but to query clinicians
if they find wording or Oasis documentation that doesn’t fit with pt.’s H&P
and other documentation. This type of coding and auditing will bring
in the maximum allowable coding reimbursement for each pt. while
keeping you compliant if your agency is ever audited.


We will re-code up to 6 of your past patients and then give you a breakdown
of the compliance and financial difference. To complete a blind coding we ask
that you black out or delete the codes your agency uses until we send
you our re-code’s and then email us your original coding.

We will work with your agency to develop a seamless transition for obtaining
information needed for coding your patients. Rather using our secure website
to log in and upload your files or having us log in to your software to
complete coding records we can come up with a plan to make the
transition easy and hassle free.

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